131 B4YS Properties Connected

It’s with great pleasure that we can bring a B4YS update, which includes the amazing news that 131 properties in the B4YS area are now enjoying 1,000 Mbps B4RN fibre!

In the Yealands, committed volunteers have been making short work of connecting the final properties across the villages, whilst in Silverdale & Storth progress is being made ready for digging to begin soon.Here’s a detailed update for each area:


From Mike Macklin:

The band of hardy volunteers have managed to keep the project rolling along throughout the winter, despite the bad weather.

We have now connected 131 properties to the network, in the Yealands.

Most of the core ducting is now installed, with just a short section in the ‘Creep a Crawl’ woods to be completed. We are planning to do this work in the next two to three weeks. We will then ‘blow’ the fibre optic cables from the Village Hall through to Yealand Storrs and onwards to Brackenthwaite. This will enable us to connect the properties in these areas to the network.

There are still a small number of individual property connections to made in both Redmayne and Storrs. These are ‘on-going’ and will be completed as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay.

We are also waiting for three road crossings to be completed by our contractor. These are at the ‘triangle’ in Redmayne – the main road in Storrs and at Brackenthwaite. We are hoping that these will be completed by the end of February. These crossings will allow us to connect properties, which are isolated from the core ducting, to the network.

There is also a section from Hazel Grove towards Hale to complete but we are waiting for ground conditions to improve.

The project in ‘The Yealands’ is almost complete. It has been a fantastic effort by our group of volunteers, who have been amazing. They have been out in all weathers and we are grateful for all their efforts. We are also grateful to the various contractors who have helped with ‘mole ploughing’, digging and road crossings and to all the landowners who have allowed wayleaves across their land.

It has been a fantastic example of a community project.

We are now preparing to ‘hand over’ to the volunteers from Silverdale and Storth who will continue the project in their own villages. We wish them luck.
Thanks to all.”

It’s estimated that around 80% of properties in The Yealands have opted to bring ducting to the property, with 80% of those currently enjoying a live B4RN connection. Those that are not yet connected are generally either waiting for an existing broadband contract to expire, were not really internet users anyway, or were holiday cottages that only saw light internet use. This take-up rate is higher than expected, which is great news for the project.



From Andy Wells:
“In Silverdale we are poised to begin building the network. We will start with the hub equipment which will be installed in the boiler house at St. John’s and with work in the churchyard to dig the first parts of the trenches that will carry the cables for the six routes that have been planned to give complete coverage of the village. Permission has been granted by the National Trust for the start of Route 2 that will serve much of the northern part of the village. Silverdale Golf Club are also ready to install ducts across the golf course. That will enable us to reach properties on the Row and on Moss Lane. There will be two connections to the outside world. Having two routes in and out will contribute to the robustness of the system. Barry Forde, the CEO of B4RN, has guaranteed that these connections will be available by the time we have finished our work in Silverdale, so we need to get cracking now. We will be in touch with our volunteers, who have been waiting patiently, once we have worked out detailed plans, so please stand by.”



From Steve Spencer:

“Excellent progress to report after several unforeseen delays, nearly all down to the weather!

The B4YS fibre ducting has now left the Yealands and is making its way towards Storth, which is very exciting! Before Christmas the Yealands team brought the duct to Brackenthwaite farm and this week, weather permitting, work will begin this week on a dig to our first Cumbrian property. This first dig will be a trial, where we’ll learn some lessons to apply to the next section. From there we’ll make progress as quickly as weather & tricky ground conditions allow.

We’re fortunate to have landowners who are very supportive of the B4RN project all along our route, some are even getting involved in the ‘hands on’ tasks to build the network. This helps the Storth project immensely and the B4YS team can’t thank them enough.”

The Yealands: progress photos

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