Silverdale Hyperfast Has Arrived

Passing the ping in the Parish Rooms.

The Parish Rooms opened its doors to the B4YS experience on Saturday 1st October. Courtesy of Nigel and Attainable IT ( and Toobys of Ingleton (,

we were able to show hyperfast fibre broadband off to its very best with Internet Radio, Smart TVs,

laptops, tablets, ipads, phones

and even an edgy Champion’s League replay live from Anfield. This young scout took the opportunity to study for his Digital Citizen Staged Activity Badge while he was waiting for the Library to get a connection.

The second phase of the Silverdale deployment is for every property that wants B4RN hyperfast broadband, to have a fibre link directly from their premises to the church and the network. The volunteers that have come forward, so far, are spread throughout most areas of the village. Some of them have volunteered to become ‘route co-ordinators’ and their names, locations and contact details are shown on the maps below.

If you are interested in a connection, get in touch with the route co-ordinator appropriate for your address and let them know.

If there’s no co-ordinator for your part of the village, either someone is still thinking about taking on the job or those streets are waiting for someone to volunteer to co-ordinate.

The answer to the question :- “ How long before it comes to my house?” depends on whether a co-ordinator can be found for every particular route and how many people can come forward to help their route co-ordinator. Every property that wants a connection, will get one, eventually. The more people that help – the quicker that will be.

Here are the mapped sections of the village
with the co-ordinators to be contacted

Birch & Cove Drive, Bradshawgate area
Cove House area
Wallings Lane, Elmslack Lane (WEST), Castle Bank area
Area covered by route 3
Area covered by route 4
Area covered by route 5
Area covered by route 6

If you have any questions, contact your route co-ordinator.
If your address does not have a co-ordinator yet, could it be you?
The best way to register your interest in a connection is on the B4YS website ( It can also be done by filling in a form at the Post Office or at the Library.

The best broadband available anywhere in the world has been brought to Silverdale by the hard work of a few of our neighbours. If we want this broadband brought direct to our houses, we are going to have to help them.