A Storth B4YS Core Group is now established chaired by Greg Tagney on 01524 761 557. The Group incorporates:

  • A Wayleave Team to organise wayleave arrangements with landowners and residents over whose property the broadband ducting will pass
  • A Visitors Team to visit all 570 domestic and commercial properties to determine individual wishes
  • A Digging Team working with B4RN Engineers to lay the ducting and blow fibre to each property.

The Team Leaders are:

  • Wayleave Team: Duncan Brown on 07501 506 109 and
  • Visitors Team: Adrian Walker on 01539 563 506 and
  • Digging Team: Henry Reeves on 01539 564 204 and

Progress May 2017:

With the agreement of the Village Hall Committee the Digging Team installed the main Network Cabinet adjacent to Storth Village Hall. This “Hub” will shortly be connected to the B4RN network. Members of our Visiting Team – our “neighbourhood volunteers” – will then be inviting residents to a public demonstration in the Village Hall. Experience the amazing improvement in speed on your own laptop, IPAD or smartphone. There will also be an opportunity to meet people already connected to this network.

Volunteers Required:

If you are willing to join the Digging Team please contact either Greg Tagney or Henry Reeves. Your help will be very welcome. Expansion of the network from the Village Hall to individual properties throughout the district will be carried out by volunteers. If there is insufficient volunteer labour we will need to employ contractors to lay the ducting thus causing extra expense. Progress will be delayed until enough people have signed up and paid the £150 installation cost to raise the additional funding required.

 Buying Shares in B4RN:

Full details and a Share Application Form can be found on the B4RN website, follow the links “Resources” —> “Investors”. This link also includes the “B4RN Business Plan v5.2”. To date the local investment in Storth exceeds £60,000. The value of investments from our local community is ring-fenced, to support the build-out of the network in our district from the Village Hall to individual properties.

Benefits of  Investing in B4RN:

  • Investors can claim 30% EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) tax relief on the shares purchased, set against the individual’s Income tax liability
  • After 3 years interest will be paid at a target rate of 5% or it can be reinvested and
  • Shareholders choosing to invest £1,500 or more can claim a free router installation worth £150.
  • To take two examples (i) an investment of £1,000 will incur a nett cost to the investor of £700 while (ii) for an investment of £2,000 (with the £150 free connection) the tax relief will be 30% of (£2,000 – £150) = £555 and a net investment of £1,445.