B4YS organisation, Share registration & collections, and all Subscriptions for Service for this Parish are being organised by Steve Spencer.

Steve is forwarding all investment cheques to B4RN from Storth investors, now we have passed the “Go” threshold.

To register your interest in benefiting from share ownership, sign up for membership, offer to help, or express an interest in subscribing for future service, please contact him at:

  • 17 Langdale Crest,  Storth,  LA7 7JG
  • 07971  47 47 25

Share forms:

B4YS have reproduced a localised copy of the B4RN share form. If you wish to invest for the benefit of the Yealands, Silverdale or Storth, please use the B4YS form below and return it to your local parish representative. This means we can monitor support for each parish and keep you informed. Unless you wish otherwise, B4YS will securely hold onto your forms & cheques until your parish is ready to proceed. This means that in the unlikely event that the project does not go ahead, your cheques can be returned.

Current Storth news:

  • Collecting membership cheques now for Stage 2 funding.
  • £1500 investment = no £150 connection fee.
  • The Village Hall Committee is kindly allowing us to use the Hall as the village “Hub”.
  • Planning is now in progress for all village connections & routes.
  • Please register URGENTLY to be included in the parish plans, so we can plan to pass your property.

Help required in Storth:

Local organisers for Storth:

  • We’re currently looking for local organisers in Storth, who’ll take responsibility for activities on their street and maybe a couple close by. You can register to help us by clicking here, and put in the comments that you’d “Like to be a street-level organiser for … road and … street”