B4RN Demo Day: Pics, Audio & Video

On Sunday 18th January we held our B4RN demonstration day at the neighbouring Priest Hutton & Borwick Village Hall.

Priest Hutton & Borwick are already connected to B4RN – our B4YS connection joins onto theirs – so it was a great chance to get ‘hands on’ with a 1,000Mpbs internet connection. A first for many people!

On the day we used one single B4RN connection, the same as you’ll get at home, and we connected over 120 devices over the 2-hour demo. During the day we had 4k HD video streaming from YouTube to Ubertech’s Macs and iPlayer streaming BBC HD to a TV, whilst everyone else was using the internet too, with NO BUFFERING!

A fantastic turnout really showed us how much support there is in the B4YS area. We couldn’t have fitted more people (or cars!) at the hall!

There was a surprising number of people from nearby areas wanting to bring B4RN their way. We even had visitors from from Surrey, Derbyshire and Yorkshire. How far will B4RN go? There are already 800 people connected…B4RN is aiming for 2000 by the end of the year!


There are more pictures on the B4RN Facebook page.

Listen again:

Tom kindly recorded the very interesting talks given by Keith & John so you can listen again or download it here:


Watch again:

And Chris Conder of B4RN kindly video’d the event too: