Residents: Invest in shares

The material costs of building the B4RN network for our parishes will be met by selling shares in the broadband company, to members of the local community. This funds the ducting, fibre, cabinets etc. Share purchases are the way we will make our community network happen.


As a community benefit society, B4RN must operate for the benefit the rural community rather than its shareholders, so surplus funds are reinvested. B4RN shares are structured in such a way that there is no potential for capital gains, instead B4RN aims to pay a dividend return of 5% per annum from year 4 onward of share ownership.

For taxpayers, share purchases up to £20,000 are eligible for 30% EIS relief. Businesses (and those who don’t pay tax) should consider lending money to the project.

You can read our article about how B4RN shares work here.

Summary of share offer:

  • Minimum investment is £100 (to reduce administration overheads)
  • No matter how many shares you own you have one vote
  • Maximum investment is £20,000
  • B4RN shares qualify for an EIS tax rebate, so if you are a taxpayer you get 30% of your investment back within the tax year
  • Those who invest £1,500 or more will qualify for a free £150 connection (you’ll need to submit a tax return with the EIS3 certificate you’ll receive from B4RN)
  • Shares must be held for 3 year minimum
  • Shares cannot be sold or given to anyone else, they can only be sold back to B4RN
  • Other Investors outside the area can sponsor a connection

Download a share form

B4YS have reproduced a localised copy of the B4RN share form. If you wish to invest for the benefit of the Yealands, Silverdale or Storth, please use the B4YS form below and return it to your local parish representative.

If you have any questions about buying shares in B4RN please contact or phone the B4RN answerphone service on 01524 555887 and leave your phone number and query and ask for a call back. See more at:

You do not need to buy shares to take a service from B4RN, but the more people who do, the sooner it will be built. B4RN is not raising money from the public purse, thus avoiding regulation and delays.

If you do not want to buy shares and only want to subscribe to the service, then please contact your B4YS representative and tell him or visit

A 1,000 megabit per second symmetrical (same speeds uploading as well as downloading) future proof fibre to the home connection costs £30 a month, with £150 connection fee. (VAT inclusive)
Rural broadband in the UK is often estimated as costing anywhere up to £10,000 per property, and often more. However, that is using the traditional telco (telecommunications company) model; these are not the costs that will apply when we can harness the skills and determination of a close-knit community such as ours.

This network model can connect every home in our parishes, however remote or distant from other properties. Without exceptions.