The Storth B4YS Core Group is well established chaired by Greg Tagney on 01524 761 557.


Storth is live.  About 30 properties in the lower parts of the villages are connected and working with the fastest domestic connections in the world.

Our Launch Event

Come to the village hall on Sat 23 March 2019.  See the technology working, see what you can do with a stunningly fast (50 times the local Openreach fibre speeds) internet connection – TV, radio, phone, multiple users with no slow down.

Volunteers Required and Expressing Interest

B4RN is a community effort.  If we paid for the manual work to be done it would be prohibitively expensive.  We know not everyone can dig, but everyone can help – organising, getting consents, getting subscribers or even just making coffee.  We need tools, especially loan of power tools.  If you’ve a 4×4 with a towbar this could be your moment.  There will be technical jobs to do which need training and dexterity but not muscle.

E-mail to find out more and join in or simply express an interest in the service.

Buying Shares in B4RN:

Full details and a Share Application Form can be found on the B4RN website, follow the links “Resources” —> “Investors”.  The value of investments from our local community is ring-fenced, to support the build-out of the network in our district from the Village Hall to individual properties.