Building Your Connection

As part of the Broadband For the Rural North (B4RN), the B4YS ethos is also to build a network that passes as many properties as possible in the area.

We are also encouraging as many as possible to actually connect now, even if they do not wish to take the “live” service yet. (e.g.  they may have some time left on the contract with their current provider).

This allows our connection technicians to join up several properties with fibre whilst they are in the area, rather than incurring additional costs for all of us by having to make special journeys to an individual property at a later date.

All the detailed information is available on the B4RN website.  This ranges from how the project works and its full Business Plan, to detailing how to build your bit of the network.

Here you can find everything, from how to plan and lay the main trunk to the village hall from a preceeding village, right down to how to put the link across your garden, through the wall and into your property.