What is B4RN?

B4RN is a community-led broadband project, bringing hyperfast broadband to the rural communities in North Lancashire and South Cumbria.

B4RN is the wider parent project, under which B4YS is working as a sub-project. B4YS aims to bring broadband to the villages of Yealand, Silverdale & Storth specifically. You can find out more about B4YS here: What is B4YS?

Broadband For the Rural North

You might have seen or heard B4RN on the BBC:

And here is the recent B4RN presentation made to the UKNOF27 delegation in Manchester. It gives a good overview if the project: Fibre Broadband for the last 5%

The communities are doing this themselves, because BT won’t be bringing rural villages a decent service any time soon. The project involves communities laying high-speed fibre optic across farmers’ fields wherever they can. This is MUCH cheaper than digging up the roads, and totally independent of other providers’ networks (i.e. BT).

The digging, connections and services are provided through a combination of community volunteers, donations, and farmers digging in return for shares in the broadband company. The project is not for profit.

The B4RN connection speed starts at 1,000Mbps and has a much higher capacity than BT are planning for us for many years, as it is fibre all the way. BT’s “big” upgrade for Sandside & Storth in 2014 will give us about 15Mbps at best (we’re currently on about 3-7Mbps). Once connected to B4RN, the monthly cost will be around £30 per property – very competitive with BT, and much cheaper than a dedicated line.

The network exists – B4RN are making it happen – connected villages for 2014 now include Quernmore, Abbeystead, Arkholme, Dolphinholme, Docker & Gressingham.

Villages under the spell of the cohesive force that is true community spirit – click to see more photos

Hyperfast broadband can come to Yealand, Silverdale & Storth

B4RN are planning the next phase – which includes extending the high-speed fibre broadband network towards Yealand, Silverdale & Storth. This is a draft plan:

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So what is B4YS?

For the planned network about to be brought to Yealand, Silverdale & Storth, B4RN needs support from the village communities here. This is where B4YS comes in, with your help.

B4YS is the local community group working with B4RN to bring volunteers, funding and community spirit that will allow B4RN to connect our homes and businesses.

You can find out more about B4YS here: What is B4YS?

How can I contribute? How do I get connected?

You can help the B4YS project in many ways, from a simple registration of interest in a connection, to a pledge of elbow grease at a community dig, or even a donation of funds.

You can find out more about that here: How do I get it?