Silverdale Hyperfast Has Arrived

THE LAST OF THE SUMMER and no whining

It’s with great pleasure that we can bring a B4YS update, which includes the amazing news that 152 properties in Silverdale are now enjoying 1,000 Mbps B4RN fibre! That’s of course on top of the 179 in the Yealands which are already connected up and taking the service.

There must be lots of amazing photos of FIBRE! WORK IN PROGRESS! TEA UP! etc. on phones and computers around the village. Please send them to for the archive. These few came from the Silverdale Story BYOD event in the Parish Rooms.

Get a flavour of the Silverdale Story from when it all began …
Digging to the Future


If you are interested in a connection, get in touch with the route co-ordinator appropriate for your address and let them know. If you know of a neighbour that is not on-line, please help them find out what they need to know to make an informed decision.

Here are the mapped sections of the village
with the co-ordinators to be contacted

Birch & Cove Drive, Bradshawgate area
Cove House area
Wallings Lane, Elmslack Lane (WEST), Castle Bank area
Area covered by route 3
Area covered by route 4
Area covered by route 5
Area covered by route 6

If you have any questions, contact your route co-ordinator.
If your address does not have a co-ordinator yet, could it be you?

The best way to register your interest in a connection is on the website (