About the B4YS team


The B4YS project involves the entire community around the Yealand, Silverdale & Storth; everyone is welcome, everyone is part of the team!

The B4YS team began with just five people initially, frustrated by poor connectivity but excited by the opportunities the B4RN project could bring:

  • Nigel Ribbons

    Nigel has lived in the village of Silverdale for 37 years and worked in business IT support since 1993. He is a member of Silverdale Parish Council and publishes the weekly e-newsletter “Silverdale Events Update”.
    Nigel is a director of Attainable Business Solutions Limited.

  • Vince Smith

    Vince, originally from Birmingham, has lived in Yealand Redmayne since 2002.  He has worked for a large, global IT services company for nearly 20 years as a Solution Architect. He often works from home with his colleagues spread across the world and so looks forward to improved communications.

  • Chris Ward & Tom Milligan

    Chris & Tom are supporting the project from the Storth end, working for better connection for community at Storth. They hope to extend the connection down to the residents and businesses at Sandside, including Shoreline Business Park. Chris & Tom are Directors at BF Internet (Big Fish), a company established back in 1996 when the internet was in its infancy.