Businesses: Lend to B4RN

Businesses and individuals who don’t pay tax can’t benefit from the EIS relief offered with the B4RN share purchases. In these situations we can talk to you about B4RN loans:

  • A 5 year loan at 6.5% compound annual interest, with the interest and capital repaid at the end of the term.
  • A 10 year loan with the same interest rate, but the loan and interest paid on a monthly basis to clear the loan by the end of month 120.

In either case this can be a normal unsecured loan, or else you can link it to an asset (a specific cabinet or network switch for your parish hub, for example), thereby providing security. It will remain your property until the loan is fully paid back, at which time its ownership reverts to B4RN.

B4RN is an Industrial Provident Society (non-profit) run entirely by volunteers, lending money to the community project will greatly help our network to be built faster.

Examples of what you could expect if you took out the loan on 1st September 2014 are:

Amount Loaned 5 year loan, paid 01/09/2019
£1,000.00 £1,370.09
£2,000.00 £2,740.17
£3,000.00 £4,110.26
£4,000.00 £5,480.35
£5,000.00 £6,850.43
£10,000.00 £13,700.87
£15,000.00 £20,551.30
£20,000.00 £27,401.73
£50,000.00 £68,504.33
£100,000.00 £137,008.67

B4RN loans are aimed at businesses and individuals in the B4RN & B4YS areas who wish to help fund projects in their parish. Those interested should contact Chris Ward ( for more info. For taxpayers, share purchases will give you the best return.