Public meetings 2nd August – Storth & Yealand – Broadband for our parishes


Hyperfast Broadband will provide all our news, television, film, music and communications in the future. It will be an essential service in education, healthcare, farming, tourism and business and will connect families and communities. It will also increase the value of your property.

The B4YS project will lay a network of fibre optic cable through the villages, which can be directly connected to every property. It will deliver a broadband service equal to the very best anywhere in the country, and will be adequate for all foreseeable uses – truly a once in a generation opportunity.

In order to progress this development we now need to talk face-to-face with members of our community, to tell you how the project will develop and seek your support.

This meeting will be held on SATURDAY 2ND AUGUST 2014:

  • 10am – 12pm, Yealand Village Hall (map)
  • 2pm – 4pm, Storth Village Hall (map)

The meeting is organised by the B4YS Group. It will be similar to the Silverdale meeting in March, starting with a presentation by Barry Forde (Chief Executive of B4RN) followed by the opportunity to ask questions. We look forward to seeing you there.


But we’ve got BT coming…

B4RN Hyperfast is coming to our parishes, but so is BT’s Superfast connection. If BT’s faster broadband is nearly already here, should we bother with B4RN? There are some convincing reasons why B4RN is a better bet for the future.

BT’s advantage:

  • BT Infinity is coming soon: BT was due (in Storth) for May 2014, then it was June, then September, so it should be here soon. (But with enough community support, maybe B4RN could be here first?)
  • BT Infinity is convenient: We barely have to lift a finger or invest a penny; a fibre connection will be on our doorstep soon (but will that fibre be any good?).
  • BT Infinity is cheaper: Well, not really, as you’ll see below. (All of BT’s packages cost more than B4RNs.)
  • BT Infinity is ‘fast enough for me’: BT’s new broadband speeds are only really fast enough for now. Whatever BT does to their network, the length of copper cable between the BT cabinet and your property will always be a bottleneck. The further away from the cabinet you are, the worse it will be. What BT brings this year might be fast enough for now, but it won’t be for long. The BBC are already migrating channels to online-only (BBC3 was announced as online-only in March 2014, BBC News could follow), the ‘video shop’ is a thing of the past with films now streamed via Netflix & Amazon Instant, and wouldn’t you love to speak with family members across the world via a clear, smooth, HD video call…for free?


If you’re some way from the cabinet, BT Infinity could be slower than what you have now!


B4RN’s advantage:

Broadband For the Rural North

  • B4RN is cheaper: BT’s Infinity packages are all more expensive, yet offer a MUCH slower connection.
  • B4RN will stay competitive: operating as a Community Benefit and “not for profit” social enterprise means costs can be kept low.
  • B4RN is faster: the 100% fibre optic network offers one of the fastest residential connections in the world.
  • B4RN is for our children: Allowing them access to the developing resources of online educational material. Children with special needs, behavioural difficulties, exceptional abilities and severe illness are now receiving tailored education purely via the internet.
  • B4RN is for grown-ups too: Allowing you high-speed access to the internet whilst other family members are already using it!
  • B4RN helps local employment: providing training to volunteers, giving them valuable skills for better employment opportunities. B4RN will employ 5-6 full time staff by the time the first 1000 customers are connected.
  • B4RN can increase the value of your home: The Telegraph has reported that slow broadband wipes 20% off house prices, whilst The Daily Mail estimates faster broadband can add 5-10 per cent. The already B4RN-connected villagers in Wray would certainly agree!
  • B4RN is by the community: the network is ‘ours’, in that it was dug, laid and connected by ordinary people from our parishes. The community benefit company is owned by local shareholders.
  • B4RN for the community: the network is independent and not linked to any one provider for its data (IP) transit. This means our community will not be held ransom to price increases. BT Plc could do whatever it likes if it remains the only provider in the village, whereas B4RN gives us freedom & choice.
  • B4RN gives you a good feeling inside: one that comes from working together as a community and getting things done, for the benefit of everyone in your Parish. BT Plc and its shareholders cannot offer this!

The cost of broadband:

BT Broadband (BT’s cheapest)

  • Connection speed: 5Mb/s*
  • Monthly usage limit: 10GB
  • Connection cost: Free
  • Monthly cost: £10 + £15.99 line rental per month = £25.99

BT Unlimited Broadband Extra

  • Connection speed: 5Mb/s*
  • Monthly usage limit: Unlimited
  • Connection cost: Free
  • Monthly cost: £21 + £15.99 line rental per month = £36.99

BT Infinity 1

  • Connection speed: 30Mb/s*
  • Monthly usage limit: 20GB
  • Connection cost: £30 activation fee
  • Monthly cost: £15 + £15.99 line rental per month = £30.99

BT Unlimited Infinity 2 (BT’s top package currently)

  • Connection speed: 50Mb/s*
  • Monthly usage limit: Unlimited
  • Connection cost: Free
  • Monthly cost: £26 + £15.99 line rental per month = £41.99

BT Fibre to the Home (not yet available)**

  • Connection speed: Up to 330Mb/s
  • Monthly usage limit: Unlimited
  • Connection cost: up to £2,500
  • Monthly cost: £99


Broadband For the Rural North

  • Connection speed: 1,000Mb/s
  • Monthly usage limit: Unlimited
  • Connection cost: £150
  • Monthly cost: £30 (no line rental)***


So B4RN is faster, cheaper, better for our children, better for our parish, and good for our homes…what’s not to like?

These are the reasons why our B4YS Group recommends adoption of this Hyperfast scheme so strongly.


*BT, like most ISPs, quote an “up to” speed on their packages. We’ve quoted speeds that are more realistic for our villages above, based on our experience and conversations with BT engineers.

**BT’s Infinity service will be available Summer 2014 in Storth, whilst the faster BT Fibre to the Home service is a long way away.

***B4RN’s Hyperfast connection means you no longer need a traditional telephone line. You can now make the most of your inclusive mobile minutes, or calls can be made via a much cheaper service like Vonage, cutting line rental and call costs (and you can keep your landline number):