A Quick Festive B4YS Update

Merry Christmas! Here’s a quick final update of 2014. For many in our 3 parishes it’ll be the last year of slow broadband, as we begin connecting properties through 2015:

B4YS breaks first soil – January 2015!

The Yealands team have stormed ahead these last couple of months, and B4YS will begin digging early in January 2015.

The tricky first route deals with the M6, the canal, the West Coast main rail line and the A6…all within a 4km stretch! Congratulations to the Yealands team who’ve worked so hard to plan the route and obtain permission from the landowners.

Thank you to the landowners who have kindly supported us with free-of-charge access to their land, and thank you to our initial investors too; your cheques have gone towards buying the orange ducting and materials, which are now on standby.

B4YS Demo Day – Sunday 18th January, 2pm

With our neighbours enjoying 1,000Mbps broadband just down the road, we thought it would be good to go and experience it first-hand.

Join B4YS on Sunday 18th January at 2pm, at Borwick & Priest Hutton Memorial Hall:

We’ll have a range of devices there for you to see & try. You can even bring your own laptop, tablet or smartphone and connect it to the B4RN network!

Pop the date in your diary now, more details will follow in January.

Further FAQ’s

Last month we sent a big list of FAQ’s. We’ve combined these with the FAQ’s kindly shared by the B4RN project in Hornby and have added these to our website: http://www.b4ys.org.uk/what-is-b4ys/faqs/

Newsletter archive

For those new to our mailing list, if you wish to catch up on previous newsletters you can find them all here: http://tinyletter.com/b4ys/archive

In other news

  • Tom Hartley & B4RN: Winner of Prince’s Countryside Trust Land Rover Bursary
    If you missed it first time around, this is a great video about the Bursary to help further develop the social enterprise that is B4RN.

  • Lancaster has made it to the fastest city in the country
    The B4RN network in the rural areas north east of Lancaster has made it the fastest city in the country and B4RN hasn’t even got there yet! This is due to the amazing speeds we are getting on the B4RN fibre, it really pushes up the city average.

  • Hand-blown fibre
    One of the B4RN team, “Bruce the Blow” shows off his new toy. A fibre blowing gun. 100 metres per minute:

Merry Christmas & see you in the New Year!