Rural Cornwall residents launch superfast broadband petition

A group of rural Cornwall residents are campaigning to be introduced to fibre optic broadband.

Homeowners from a rural area of Cornwall have launched a petition to try to bring superfast broadband access to their properties.

The region is covered by the Superfast Cornwall rollout project, which has been bringing the next-generation service to properties as part of the government’s Broadband Delivery UK scheme, reports the Cornwall Guardian.

However, the civil parish of St Kew and other nearby areas such as Trequite have been excluded from initial installations because they are not deemed to be commercially viable by service provider BT.

A petition has now been set up by local residents Alex and Bella Nicolas, who have become concerned about how much the poor quality of their existing broadband connection is hindering their daily lives.

Mrs Nicholas said: “If our small but beautiful area is left outside the fibre footprint, we will all be at a significant disadvantage to other more urban areas.”

Once the Superfast Cornwall project is completed, it is estimated around 80 per cent of the region will have access to fibre optic broadband.