Yealand Village Hall is LIVE!

Yealand Village Hall is live – it has been connected to the B4RN network – and now has 1,000Mbps internet speeds!Mike Macklin from the Yealand B4YS team shared the great news yesterday:
The Hyperfast Broadband service is now live in Yealand Village Hall.We completed the fibre blowing three weeks ago but we needed the B4RN technicians to connect us to the network. This work was completed yesterday. The hall is now connected, together with a few properties and business’s on the route from Tewitfield.The installation of the duct continues in Conyers, and is now well advanced. We are now waiting for permission for the road crossings from Lancashire County Council, which should be received shortly.

We are making progress on the wayleaves through Redmayne and hopefully, work will start on the laying of the duct shortly.

We will keep you updated on progress,

Fantastic news, we did it! Silverdale & Storth – you’re next!

Here are some pictures from the work at Yealand, kindly shared by Chris Conder & Vince Smith:


No doubt this means there will be a “demo day” in the Yealands soon, so more people can get hands-on with Hyperfast Broadband – watch this space for updates.

For Silverdale & Storth, things are progressing in a positive direction, albeit quietly in the background at this time. Having Hyperfast just down the road in Yealands is a great step for us, it’s so close! Planning ~10 miles of route which accommodates all manner of obstacles is taking some time & effort, but we’re making good progress and going in the right direction! We’ll keep you updated.