An update from the Yealands

The Yealands team are progressing well, and have shared this update with the B4YS mailing list:


We have now completed the installation of the orange duct from Borwick through to Yealand Village Hall.

We will be blowing the fibre cables through the duct on Tuesday April 7th starting at 10am. We will connect the few properties on the route to the system, as we pass.

The hub cabinet is now installed in the hall, with its own electricity feed.

The electronics and computing equipment will be fitted in the hub by the B4RN Technician, as soon as the fibres arrive.

We will arrange a Demonstration Day for all residents as soon as the system is live. This will give us a chance to try our various devices on the new Hyperfast broadband service.

1. Yealand Conyers

The installation of the duct through Conyers (which will go onwards to Silverdale) is progressing well. The west side of the village is completed all the way from the village hall through to Peter  Lane. The properties on this part of the route have dug their trenches and laid out the duct.

We are now starting the trenches on the onward section from Peter Lane towards Yealand House.

The route for the east side of the village is finalised and wayleaves signed. We are mole ploughing the section from Snape Lane to the properties at the A6 junction, this weekend. Work on the remainder of the east section will commence in April.

 2. Yealand Redmayne and Yealand Storrs

We are now close to finalising the route through Redmayne to Storrs (which will go onward to Storth). This has proved to be quite difficult and tricky. It is anticipated that we will start laying out the duct on the West side of the village in the next few days.

3. Road Crossings in the Yealands

There are a number of places in the villages where we need to cross roads with the duct.  B4RN has applied to Lancashire County Council for permission to undertake this work, on our behalf. This should be granted in mid-April, after which we will commence the crossings. A contractor has been nominated.

4. Mole Ploughing in the Yealands

We are very grateful for the contribution of Tony Swidenbank and his team from TS Trenching in Kendal, for the laying of the duct in the Yealands. Tony uses a very sophisticated mole plough which does minimal damage to the land. It is difficult to see the track of the machine, after a few days. It is interesting to see the quality of his work in the field opposite Yealand School, which was completed on Monday.  For this reason, in Yealand we will continue to use the mole plough as much as possible through the process, as funds allow.

We are also grateful to various residents for the use of their mechanical diggers and staff, during the work. It is most appreciated.


For those in Silverdale & Storth, the B4YS teams there are busy planning their routes, which is an important job that does take time. Updates from Silverdale & Storth will follow as soon as there is news.

A Royal Visit

You may be aware that HRH Prince of Wales will be visiting the Westmorland Showfield at Crooklands, on Wednesday. His programme for the day will include a presentation of the B4RN Project. He will be introduced to the Project Management Team and will see demonstrations of the installation process. He will acknowledge the milestone of 1000 customers and the sale of one million shares! A fantastic achievement in a very short time!

Until next time!