130 B4YS Properties Connected in Silverdale

It’s with great pleasure that we can bring a B4YS update, which includes the amazing news that 152 properties in Silverdale are now enjoying 1,000 Mbps B4RN fibre!
That’s of course on top of the 179 in the Yealands which are alreadyconnected up and taking the service.

Here’s a detailed update for each area:



On Saturday 16th September B4YS has been invited to talk about our part in the ongoing story of Silverdale during an event organised by the Landscape Trust, a charity with over 1100 members supporting the AONB. The Silverdale Story will be recounted over four days, with free events, talks, walks, tours, workshops and exhibitions, from Thursday September 14th – Sunday September 17th. Our part of it will take place in the Parish Rooms between 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm. B4YS volunteers will be on hand to talk about, demonstrate and help devices connect to hyperfast fibre broadband. Find out more HERE.


From Steve Spencer:

“Excellent progress to report after several unforeseen delays, nearly all down to the weather!

The B4YS fibre ducting has now left the Yealands and is making its way towards Storth, which is very exciting! Before Christmas the Yealands team brought the duct to Brackenthwaite farm and this week, weather permitting, work will begin this week on a dig to our first Cumbrian property. This first dig will be a trial, where we’ll learn some lessons to apply to the next section. From there we’ll make progress as quickly as weather & tricky ground conditions allow.

We’re fortunate to have landowners who are very supportive of the B4RN project all along our route, some are even getting involved in the ‘hands on’ tasks to build the network. This helps the Storth project immensely and the B4YS team can’t thank them enough.”